Recognition of educational documents

If a citizen of the Republic of Moldova intends to study abroad or work there, then he will need to submit documents on his education in order to undergo the recognition procedure or establish equivalence. In order for such documents to be recognized and accepted for consideration abroad, they usually need to be legalized accordingly.

A separate article is the legalization of educational documents for Italy. The fact is that, unlike other countries, for which it is enough to provide documents legalized through consular legalization or through apostille, Italy issues a special certificate of legal validity of a document on education, the so-called DICHIARAZIONE DI VALORE IN LOCO,for which it is necessary to prepare a whole package of documents in strict accordance with the requirements of the embassy.

Our company has a wealth of experience in the preparation of education documents for Italy. We offer:
  • free consultations on all the details of the correct execution of a package of documents for submission to the Italian Embassy
  • If a citizen of the Republic of Moldova intends to receive or continue education in the Russian Federation, our bureau will make a high-quality translation of documents into Russian, and, accordingly, will provide full information on the procedure and rules for nostrification and legalization of educational documents in the Russian Federation.